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Topics concerning Serious Stuff
  Sticky  Playing Video in Pyromasaur
As you can see on the main page, there is now support for video playing within the framework. The format we are supporting natively for now is Ogg/Theora, which is extremely nice and provides a very good compression while maintaining excellent quality. I've kept the LUA code for playing videos nice ...
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Dave Driesen 424 2011-10-09 14:43:18 
  Sticky  Skeletal Animation in Pyromasaur
I have recently completed support for 3D animation within the Pyromasaur framework, and hence am making a little post to go over some of the details involved.The animation system has been designed to work in synergy with 3D Studio but other 3D packages should be pretty compatible since models can ...
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Dave Driesen 530  "Skeletal Animation in Pyromasaur" by Dave Driesen on 2011-10-09 14:43:18 
  Sticky  Meshes and modelling for Pyromasaur
I'm working on improving our mesh import facilities. As things stand, the preferred mesh format for external designers/developers is Autodesk's .MAX or .3DS format. Either way, the meshes you provide will at some point need to be in .3DS format. Basically this was chosen by popular demand and ever...
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Vincent Verbeke 510  "3DS Keyframer and Hierarchy support implemented" by Dave Driesen on 2011-08-11 06:52:02 
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Topics concerning Serious Stuff
  Visual Studio .Net 2002 compatibility
Hey EveryoneThere have been a lot of commits in SVN recently with regards to the new Window Manager class design. One of the elements of this new design is implementation of a CWM_Control base class which all the other controls are derived from. The idea behind the CWM_Control class is that in a f...
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Vincent Verbeke 427 2011-10-09 14:43:18 
  Scripting subsystem mechanics and goals
Hey!A word about the scripting subsystem, which at the time of writing is LUA 5.1 and should stay as such for a long time to come.We welcome feature requests and discussions about your previous experiences with LUA, be it at Pandemonium or at other developers. However, try to understand that we wa...
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Dave Driesen 423 2011-04-27 02:05:06 
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