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 error MSB4006: "ResolveReferences" 
 Dave Driesen
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error MSB4006: "ResolveReferences"

Posted on: 2011-10-09 14:43:04 
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I just came across some weird behaviour in Visual Studio 2010 which didn't seem to be documented so I'm posting it here in case it ever happens again..

When building Pyromasaur on Visual Studio 2010 after the first migration to 2010, I received the following error:

error MSB4006: There is a circular dependency in the target dependency graph involving target "ResolveReferences".

After some searching, I stumbled upon the "Frameworks and References" section in the project properties, all the way at the top under "Common Properties" and noticed there was a reference to the project itself in the references list. Obviously this would cause a circularity so I removed it and the build went through.



  Showing entry "error MSB4006: "ResolveReferences"".
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