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Bullet physics implemented
Physics at work

Extensive physics have been implemented in the Pyromasaur 3D Framework. We are now able to create worlds subject to realistic physics, including vehicles with lifelike behaviour (acceleration, collision, suspension, everything our target audience would need to develop games).

New developments in visualisation technology
These screenshots show a quick glance of the 3D framework currently under development at the Pandemonium studio. All development is performed in-house, by competent developers who have been active in the industry for many years. The shots were taken from the framework's testing/sandbox application, GlMud.

The Pandemonium 3D framework runs primarily on Win32 and UNIX/Linux platforms which allows for easily portable code and maximisation of target audience. With support for OpenGL, Nvidia Cg and the XAudio2 sound system, even Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 support has been kept in mind.

Pandemonium 3D Framework

Recent developments include, but are not limited to:

  • Multithreaded XAudio2 Sound System, also allowing builds for Xbox 360. XAudio2 is Microsoft's long awaited next generation low level cross-platform sound API to replace both DirectSound on Windows and XAudio on the XBox.
  • Multichannel streaming ALSA Sound System.
  • Multithreaded TCP server as well as client.
  • Advanced frustum mechanics for selection as well as culling.
  • Partial or Fullscene anti aliasing using authentic multisampling on the render target.
  • Event driven TCP sockets allowing for hundreds of thousands of concurrent TCP connections.
  • Pixel Shader usage for vertex and fragment shading.
  • Out-of-core geometry loading for smooth environmental transitions without load times.
  • Per-pixel lighting using arbitrarily sized arrays of light sources.
  • Authentic looking reflections using normalized vertex normals.
  • Intelligent polygon offsets in place to prevent z-fighting.
  • Artificial Intelligence using binary heaps for problem resolution.
  • Real-time skeletal animation based on Bone Systems and Vertex Weighting, with smooth interpolation
  • Authentic soft shadows from multiple light sources.
  • High Dynamic Range full scene bloom.
  • Advanced Particle Systems for environmental effects and billboards
  • Fast picking using full unprojection of screen space coordinates.
  • Multiformat mesh loading code.
  • Built to read several popular image file formats with inherent truecolor and alpha channel support.
  • Multipass vertex normal smoothing across entire meshes, subobjects or strips, with full support for 3D Studio smoothing groups.
  • Triangle stripped terrain engine with viewpoint-relative LOD over Directed Acyclic Graphs.
  • Runtime mesh material editing.
  • Real-time streaming media mechanisms (WAV,MPEG, MP3,...)
  • Multiplatform case insensitive operating environment
  • Internal feature-rich and event driven window manager for full portability regardless of libraries.
  • Highly advanced UID-based Object-Oriented development model.
Pandemonium 3D Framework

New forums on website
After some consideration we decided not to expose the existing forums to the public, but to write an entirely new forum instead using the libbase as it is currently being used in the frontend of our SMS gateways, which is the more advanced and versatile one we have in production.

Despite the functionality and content of the old forums, it proved to be less labor-intensive to pull the website up to the level of the SMSGW frontend and implement the new forums in this environment, than it would be to bring the old forums up to the level of the website. So by doing this, the entire website received a good servicing as well. Furthermore, we are now working in a proofed mode where the code being used is so clean, it is not allowed to even generate a warning or notice. If you do spot one, let us know!

The new forums satisfy our intent to publish (parts of) the knowledge base as well seeing as we can now simply transfer articles to the forums.

We would like to invite everyone to make topics and posts, and join in the discussions. Anonymous posts are allowed, although all registered users can delete these anonymous posts and all admins can siteban ip ranges. Please take this into account when posting.

Website redesigned
Our ever widening spectrum of activities has raised a need for clarification on the website. This is why you are experiencing some separation among the topics which are being discussed.

The website has been divided in a corporate and entertainment section. With this, we are hoping to achieve a more efficient browse trajectory for our visitors, eliminating as much information that falls outside of one's area of interest as possible.

Anyway, while on the subject of the website, we are also working on opening up the knowledge base again to the public to increase exposure and create more room for our communities.

Connection tracking is complete for mailXsms

In order to accommodate for what to us seem inadequacies in the sms to mail routing mechanism, connection tracking code has been added to the sms daemons and to the mail-to-sms router. This enables the gateway to, for example, remember when Fred sends an e-mail to Lucy's cellphone, so that when Lucy replies by means of an sms message, the gateway will relay that message on to Fred's mailbox.

This logic has its own drawbacks of course but imperfections are inherent to translated routing, which is the only viable routing method in today's world of cellular networks. Nevertheless, this is something many people were waiting for and are very anxious to test drive.

Multipart sms messages are back

Until recently, facilities for pushing multipart sms messages onto the sms gateways' spoolers had been in place but were hardcoded to a deactivated state. This was done because not only was there no demand, there were even several protests regarding message costs potentially getting out of hand on bulk sms message broadcasts.

To leave this choice up to individual site admins themselves however, to set it to their own flavour, multipart messaging has once again been made available and a sitewide maximum message fragment count is now configurable.

mail X sms routing is functional

Mail to and from sms routing is now fully functional in the sms gateway platform. SMTP is the only supported protocol. No support for other protocols is desireable or planned.

Mail to sms routing can straightforwardly be implemented on windows infrastrucures running exchange 2000 or exchange 2003 by means of an SMTP connector which routes all mail destined for sms relaying to the sms gateways. On linux machines running postfix or other MTA's, a transport map needs to be created to accomplish the same result. Both these administrative actions are basic operations for any of your systems engineers.

SMS to mail routing is sender-based for the time being. A new route target type has been implemented in the form of an e-mail address. When the daemon core recognises the route target for an incoming sms message as being an e-mail address, it will route the incoming message to SMTP instead of spooling it back out onto the ether.

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